Bilancio Amici della Zizzi 2020


Bilancio Amici della Zizzi 2019


Bilancio Amici della Zizzi 2018


Bilancio Amici della Zizzi 2017


Bilancio Amici della Zizzi 2016


Bilancio Amici della Zizzi 2015

Who we are

We take care of welcoming children at risk, we promote the culture of foster care so that more and more children can be helped.

Foster care

Is a temporary intervention which provides help and support to a child that comes from a family that is currently unable to take care of his or her needs.

What we do

We welcome children in difficulty that have been reported by social services, courts and by the families themselves into our facilities. We also provide after school activities and care.

Support us

Together with you, we can tell dozens of success stories about children who made it and help other young people, together we can guarantee them a peaceful life.

A heartfelt thanks goes to all the Institutions and Companies that have joined our mission
and continue to stand alongside the Zizzi Children

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